Driver Vacation & PTO Calendar

Drivers, You can use this calendar to determine what days have available slots when you request days off for Vacation or PTO. No more than 2 Drivers can be off on the same day, unless there are special circumstances. All days off must be approved.

Days off, Doctors’ appointments, Dentist appointments and any other kind of personal appointments must be scheduled with a minimum of 1 week advance notice. We need to be able to schedule around your appointment. The more advance notice you give us, the better we can accommodate your request. Just because you make a request, does not necessarily mean it will be approved.

Day off requests are on a first come first serve basis and need to be approved. If your request is for a day where there are already other driver requests for days off, we will ask you to pick a different day. We will try our best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

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